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Pro-Pipe Norway AS offers our customers in the district heating and offshore sector professional coordination in welding technical know-how and quality control of welding work in accordance with welding EN 729.

Our employees are trained and qualified in the following areas:

​Welding methods and equipment

  • Selection of technically most suitable welding method in terms of quality, economy and material
  • ​Choosing the most appropriate way to make weld joints based on drawings and specifications.
  • ​Be able to initiate repair work on the basis of inspection reports
  • ​Be able to prepare a written report documenting that the welding work has been carried out in accordance with the production specifications.

Materials and their weldability

  • ​Assessment of the validity of material certificates based on requirements in DS/ISO, DIN and future EN /Euronorm
  • Assessment and reception of steel based on the certificate’s information on manufacturing process, chemical analysis, mechanical properties and heat treatment
  • Assessment of the importance of heat intake on the mechanical properties of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and the determination of new welding data based on calculations by heat supply
  • Take precautions against metallurgical defects – such as tear-out fractures, heat and hydrogen cracks.

Constructive, fabrication and quality controversy

  • Be able to understand and assess shrinkage and deformations
  • ​Calculations of welding stresses and deformations
  • ​Be able to take precautions against deformations – including welding fixtures, welding order, free shrinkage and more
  • ​Be able to help increase quality through the knowledge of quality management
  • ​Be able to judge welding failure
  • ​Be able to propose changes in production and construction so that they are weldable.

Calculations, geometry connection with welding technique

  • Geometric definitions and figures
  • Plan geometric calculations
  • Calculation rules for trigonometric calculations
  • Be able to perform mixed calculations in connection with welding technical tasks
  • Be able to perform calculations of current, voltage, resistance, electrical components, induction, magnetism, mechanical physics​


Certifikat fra International Institute of Welding.

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