Quality policy

We must deliver a quality that satisfies:

  • Customer expectations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available at competitive prices
  • Sourced at a price that makes a profit

Company goals

In order to achieve our objectives, we have organized ourselves so that the technical, administrative/human conditions affecting quality is controlled. All such management is aimed at reducing, eliminating - and last but not least, preventing not satisfying quality.

Expected quality at the lowest possible price

This is achieved by planned and efficient use of the material and human resources available to the company.

Customer needs and expectations

The customer needs to quality to be delivered according to his requirements and not least the expectations he sets.

Risk, costs and benefits

The assessment includes the risk that defective products or services can lead to loss of reputation and market share, complaints, claims for damages and sloppiness with human and financial resources.

Increased profitability and market share, reduced costs, improved usage characteristics, increased satisfaction and confidence.

Management's responsibility

Responsibility for quality policy lies with senior management.

Quality management is an overall management function that sets and implements quality policy.

Management sets the main objectives of the quality policy which apply to key conditions

for quality such as utility characteristics, performance, safety and reliability.

Management should continuously seek to improve the impact and efficiency of the organization's processes rather than wait for a problem to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Quality system

A quality system is a structure of many details. It distributes process responsibility, procedures and resources used to implement quality management.

Management has developed, established and implemented a quality system as a means to

comply with stated policy, and achieve set goals.

The quality system works in such a way as to ensure confidence that the system is understood and works effectively

  • That the deliveries really satisfy the customer's expectations
  • Emphasis is placed on preventing problems rather than being depended on discovering them after they occure
  • Working with continuous improvement of quality routines and procedures​

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