It  is important for Pro-Pipe Norway AS that all our employees and stakeholders can have full confidence in us.

As part of the work with good corporate ledership, Pro-Pipe Norway AS has therefore made it possible for employees and external stakeholders to express whether they believe that employees or the top management, or others associated with Pro-Pipe Norway AS, break the law or the rules of good corporate governance and business practices. 

All inquiries will be carefully examined and treated with the utmost confidentiality, and there is no obligation to name anyone who makes such a notice.

Employees and stakeholder can contact our Occupational health service Grønn Jobb:

The e-mail is bht@gronnjobb.no or phone number + 47 69791130.

All inquiries go through the Customer Success Team, and are then directed to the right professional.

There is a professional who then asks for more detail about the case / incident itself to shed light on the case.

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Org. nr: 891 847 122

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